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how does she do this I’m scared

Is this the next exorcist movie


from coast to coast i’ll make the most of every second i’ve been giving with this crowd 

NEW (HQ) Liam Payne arriving at funky Buddha last night. - August 29


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Members of the Palestinian security forces take part in a training session in the West Bank city of Jericho. (Reuters)


So a couple nights ago, I was wearing this dress at a family dinner. When I sat down my tights were kinda see through, but over all I felt super confident for once and I felt good about myself. But of course, a couple family members were complaining behind my back to my mom and telling them I was dressed like a slut and a whore, and of course being the awesome mother my mom is she politely told them to “fuck off” and “it’s her body, not yours”. Later on, I was sitting in the living room with my cousin on our phones minding our own business when all my family members were staring at me and my uncle decided to call me out to “cover up”. This of course caused everyone to stare at me even more, and to mentally shun me like every Arab does. I was so angry about all this + it put me in such a shit mood and made me feel like “wow my family is absolute dog shit”.

So I have some stuff to say:

1st. Literally everyone who was calling me a slut, does not understand the term “slut shaming”. And I am not a fucking slut because I do not sleep around. So for everyone to call me that honestly needs to look up the term before they start spitting it out of their mouths.

2nd. You’re my uncle and you shouldn’t be staring there, so put your penis back in your pants and get over yourself you egotistical motherfucker.

3rd. It is my body after all, which means your opinions do not matter. I have spent a lot of time hating my body, and for once I’m accepting my body and loving it. Because I’m going to be stuck with it for a long time, so let me love it the way I want to love it.

And 4th. If any man tells you to not dress a certain way. Tell him “fuck you” and dress how you want. Because if that makes you feel confident and happy, DO. IT.

Diana u look perf

5 Facts About Me

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1. I’ve started drinking chocolate milk everyday like a 5 year old
2. Michael said he liked my hair, my hair was lovely, I was lovely, we should be friends
3. Gonna dye the ends of my hair sometime next week!
4. I have a dog named Casper who’s been my best friend since I was 5
5. Going to be a junior:)

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